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RRPM.com was created out of a desire to share valuable information and opinions in the field of internet marketing, and life in general. The term “Real Raw” was chosen because countless internet sites and blogs have “no teeth”. When I began my quest of becoming a professional Internet Marketer, I spent a full year studying the field. Most of that year was passed reading information on the web. I found that most blogs/sites offer little to no information at all (i.e. “hot air” content). The field of internet marketing is still very new and is evolving every day. This makes it a great subject matter as we seek to understand and master it. I’ve always enjoyed learning, extrapolating perspectives and sharing with similar minded individuals; to continue and repeat the never-ending quest for knowledge and understanding. All will die sooner or later. Today is the day to be “real raw” in our pursuit of internet marketing knowledge and comprehension!

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