Sometimes Affiliates advertise promotions or facts about your products that are out of date, causing additional work for your Customer Service. You feel you waste time constantly telling your Affiliates to make changes to the way they promote your products.

Following are a few suggestions for solving that problem.

- Hire a part-time or full-time Affiliate Manager and delegate that work to them. There are many experienced individuals or firms who will gladly manage your Affiliate program, and who know how to handle each situation effectively.

- Ask your top advertising Affiliates to report offending Affiliates back to you. Competition amongst Affiliates is fierce. Many times a rogue Affiliate will financially impact the others. “Good” Affiliates have a vested interest in eliminating offending ones. It is very important that you act immediately to correct offenses as they are brought to your attention. Since it is often impossible to compete with those rogue Affiliates, your top Affiliates will eventually have no choice but to mimic improper ads – or abandon promotional offers. If you fail to “crack down” promptly, you reward the offending Affiliates while punishing the “good” Affiliates.

- Send a warning to all your Affiliates, telling them to stop publishing specific specials or other time sensitive offers, and that the first offense will be grounds for termination. If your offers change constantly and Affiliates can’t keep up, simply instruct them to stop advertising specific discount numbers in their ads. It is very important to frequently enforce the rules (check daily or multiple times a week if possible). New Affiliates might see older Affiliates promoting the expired offers and simply think it is permitted, thus compounding the problem even further.

- Give bidding permissions to a smaller group of “proven” Affiliates or have them apply for that permission. Controlling this small group should be easier since you will have them individually approve the rules and if necessary, provide direct contact information.

Sometimes when confronted with these types of problems, certain affiliate programs decide to totally ban any type of active bidding. This is not a good solution. First of all, some Affiliates will still appear in organic results. These are a lot more difficult to control since they can promote what ever they want, including expired offers. Secondly, it would then be a lot easier and cheaper for rogue Affiliates, “black-hat” Affiliates or even your competition to take the spots previously used by your good Affiliates.